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The Kelpie 

The Kelpie is a creature of Scottish folklore. A shapeshifter. A seducer. A devourer. And, the moment you touch him is when the path of life forks. 


Cold Cast Bronze on a spalted beech base. 

Limited edition 1/7

Foundry Bronze available on request. 


Sthénos is a depiction of an Epimeliad, a Greek nymph of apple trees and sheep.


Her name means fortitude and she encapsulates the idea of looking fine but being far from it. 

Cold Cast Bronze with a stone finish on a resin base finished to look like steel. 

Limited edition 3/7

Foundry Bronze and alternative Cold Cast finishes available on request. 


A little carcass. A little fallen flyer. The humble body of a bee, resting in a desert landscape: a glimpse of what our world would be without this tiny pollinator. Her body a window revealing some of the pressures and demands of modern life.

Cold Cast Bronze. Mounted on an oil drum.

Limited edition 1/2

The Púca

A Púca is a mischievous creature of Celtic folklore, benevolent or malevolent by turns. A trickster. A troublemaker. And sometimes, a trustworthy guardian. 

Cold Cast Bronze on a yew base. 

Limited edition 1/7

Foundry Bronze available on request. 


Llamrei is the mare of the legendary King Arthur, famed for carrying four men to saftey at once, allowing them to escape the clutches of a witch.


She is, for me, a powerful symbol of fortitude: the mental and emotional strength to face adversity courageously.

Cold Cast Bronze. Wall mounted.

Limited edition 1/7

Foundry Bronze available on request.

Ovid's Medusa

In Ovid's tale, Medusa was a beautiful young acolyte of Athena. After being attacked by Poseidon however, Athena chose to punish Medusa by turning her into a Gorgon.


So here is Medusa's side of the story. The moment she tries to protect herself from the sight of Perseus's mirrored shield but is thwarted by one of her own snakes.

Cold Cast Bronze. Mounted on oak and slate.

Limited edition 1/2

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