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Where my ideas meet the world 

A contemporary figurative sculptor working in the South West, UK.
I use the Sinclair method to create my work and have been fortunate enough to train with its pioneer, Andrew Sinclair, at The Sculpture School in Devon.


...the way we see ourselves, the way others see us. The evolution of self image.  
The moments on which life pivots. Moments prompted by the vagaries of fortune and determined by our own instincts, be they trustworthy or unreliable.  
The undercurrent of chronic illness touches my work. An inescapable reality. An unusual becoming.  
I explore these themes through the lens of mythology. Using the narrative that humans have always used - to understand our origins and our lives - as an oculus. 

... is a search for truth. 
It is the human craving for understanding given form. 
Mythology is a journey to the extremity of human emotion and comprehension. 
With mythology, we grope into the darkness at the edge of our vision.